SMH and Adaptsys are collaborating to provide better support for the FlashRunner In System Programmer (ISP) solutions in key regions and will provide first level sales and support in Germany.
“This new collaboration with SMH extends the support currently offered in the region to end-customers integrators and resellers of SMH’s Flashrunner product line” explained Adaptsys’ Business Development Director, Jean-Christophe Raimond.
“Germany is an advanced technology region, and as such customers are rightfully more demanding; they need the support from us to help with their more complex designs and programming requirements and Adaptsys specialise in exactly that.”
In addition to the local support in Germany, Adaptsys is also establishing a technology centre in Hungary, capable of providing additional customer support for specific customer ISP applications.
The Adaptsys Group is an independent supplier of electronics production equipment with offices in the UK, France, Germany and Hungary. Adaptsys specialise in providing programming equipment for integrated circuits
and innovative products for the tape-and-reel industry. SMH Technologies is a global, independent company providing Silicon Device In-System Programming and related services for the electronic boards manufacturing industry.


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