AcalSiliconSensinghiACAL BFi has signed a pan-European distribution agreement with gyroscope and inertial systems manufacturer, Silicon Sensing. ACAL BFi will provide specialist technical support on Silicon Sensing’s full range of products including their new class of PinPoint® precision MEMS navigation and pointing gyroscopes.

“As an extension to ACAL BFi’s existing range of sensors, Silicon Sensing provides a particularly good fit with Colibrys accelerometers. The combination of these products, plus extensive specialist design support, can help customers to implement high-end sensor functions and Smart products which deliver benchmark performance with a minimum risk and time to market.” explains Walther Van Puijvelde, Business Development Director Sensors, ACAL BFi.

The Silicon Sensing product range covers silicon MEMS single-axis gyroscopes, off-the-shelf and custom multi-sensor systems including multi-axis inertial sensor assemblies, inertial measurement units and integrated navigation INS/GPS products. Their products are used extensively in navigation systems for mobile satellite TV, light aircraft and agricultural equipment, as well as in industrial and consumer applications.

ACAL BFi’s team of sensor design specialists has fifteen years of expertise in helping customers to develop designs using components from some of the world’s leading sensor manufacturers. Silicon Sensing’s products will expand ACAL BFi’s existing range of tri-axial accelerometers and magnetic, pressure, force, thermal, rotary and optical sensors, as well as complete compass and dead-reckoning modules. In-house testing and assembly services further help to get products to reduce time to market.

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