Acal BFi is sampling a new range of Amphenol RF connectors for applications in high-definition broadcasting, broadband and networking. The new high-density HD-BNC™ connectors are based on Amphenol’s patented BNC technology, and allow four times higher density than conventional BNC connectors.

The HD-BNC series features a bayonet coupling with tactile feedback and a positive lock for fast and easy connection using Amphenol’s patented mating and demating technology. True 75 Ohm impedance allows the connectors to achieve improved performance over longer distances; whilst a direct fit to conventional Belden®, Times Fiber® DRAKA® Image® and Canford SDV® broadcast cables using existing standard tooling allows customers to simplify the transition to higher-density connectivity. HD-BNC connectors can also be used as a replacement for DS3 and DS4 connectors.

Acal BFi will hold inventory of the complete HD-BNC product line of plugs, adapters, jacks and PCB mounts.

“These new connectors are 51% smaller than the original BNC, 39% smaller than mini-BNC and 40% smaller than DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors,” explains Emma Hatton, Interconnect Product Manager Acal BFi. “The combination of easy adoption, enhanced performance and significantly higher density will enable customers to deliver higher definition in broadcast applications, and greater bandwidth in networking and broadband applications.”

Acal BFi is sampling HD-BNC connectors for digital video, high-definition TV (HDTV) and cable TV as well as for network routing & switching, satellite head-ends and telco broadband applications.

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