Arrow UK announces extended Mini-Clamp connector range

Arrow Electronics can now supply an extended range of Mini-Clamp connectors from 3M and is offering customers the opportunity to receive samples of the new additions. Three new series have been introduced: the Mini-Clamp II Wiremount Plug 371 Series, Boardmount Socket 372 series and Wiremount Socket 373 Series. Target applications include factory automation and industrial controls.

A key feature of the range is the use of 3M insulation displacement technology (IDC), which provides higher connection reliability, while at the same time eliminating cable stripping and tinning, as well as the need for repetitive screw-type wire terminations. The IDC termination process enables time savings of up to 80% per connection, compared to manual crimping techniques. No specialist tools are required and terminations can be carried out using just a pair of pliers, helping to reduce the overall cost of wiring projects.

The 3M Mini-Clamp II connectors also have an integrated guiding and alignment feature built into the cover, which provides reliable positioning of the individual wires. Semi-transparent covers allow for visual inspection to check correct wire positioning prior to termination. Polarizing tabs help provide proper mating while latching features help provide a secure connection, even under severe conditions such as mechanical stress and vibration in industrial environments.

The new connectors are available in a 2mm pitch that use colour coding (red, yellow, orange, green, blue and grey) to ensure proper wire usage, wire alignment and retention of the cover.

As well as factory automation and industrial controls, typical environments for these connectors include medical equipment, packaging systems; flow meters; and sensors. They are also suitable for motion test and measurement systems; traffic light and control systems; food and packaging industries; and automotive and metal industries.

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