Relay catalogues are specific to type and include easy selection guide for purchasers

sw0079-hongfa09-cataloguesAvailable from specialist distributor Switchtec, the 2009 Hongfa relay catalogues showcase the complete range of relays from this high quality manufacturer. Literally packed with information, the catalogues are a great help for designers, specifiers and buyers who need to quickly and easily access information about any relay in the vast Hongfa range.

The A4, full colour catalogues are very useful to people working in a wide range of industries and sectors including PCB manufacturers and suppliers, distributors, wholesalers, OEMs, manufacturers, panel builders, and the automotive and aerospace industries.

The five catalogues each cover a specific range of Hongfa relay products namely, general purpose, solid state, automotive, hermetically sealed and relay sockets.

The 376 page general purpose relay catalogue includes the sub-miniature 1A, HF23 relay up to the large 200A HFE6 latching relays. New to the 09 catalogue are the HF115FP with its built in LED and test button, the HF13F now being available in a 3-pole version, the plug-in HF157F relay and the HFE12, 120A latching relay.

The solid state relay catalogue Includes the miniature HFS2 MOS relay up to the large 3 Phase HFS24 SSR and is 88 pages long. New to the 09 catalogue are the HFS32 plug in SSRs and the HFS28 dual AC output relay, together with all of Hongfa’s SSR accessories.

The automotive relay catalogue is 122 pages long and includes PCB and plug in relays, from the popular HFV4 30/40A plug in relay to the miniature twin relay HFKD with two relays in one housing. New to the 09 catalogue are the HFV9, with its extended temperature range of 125degC and the automotive relay modules, available as flasher control, wiper control and delay relays.

The 134 page hermetically sealed relay catalogue includes Hongfa’s TO-5 and half crystal can hermetically sealed relays. New to the 09 catalogue is the Hongfa cube, half cube, 2/5 cube and 1/5 cube relays.
The relay sockets catalogue includes the 6mm wide 41F series socket and the popular 8, 11 and 14 pin plug in relay sockets. New for the 2009 catalogue is the inclusion of the 118F PCB socket for the HF118 power relay. This catalogue is 70 pages long.

Simple to use, the catalogue has a photo of each relay listed. It also shows each relay’s dimensional layout and its footprint. Full technical information is provided including ratings, configuration, voltage, pitch options, and other technical details.

An easy to use selection guide is positioned at the front of each catalogue. Each product listing also has a typical application section that shows suggested applications for each style of relay.

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