In a move that more than doubles its warehouse size, specialist distributor of electrical and electronic products Switchtec has expanded its Stone, near Stoke, UK-based facility.  The recently completed extension enables Switchtec to greatly increase its stocking levels, making it even more responsive to customer needs.

Taking four months and costing over £130K, the factory extension increases the company’s overall size from 403 sq. metres to 709 sq. metres, a 43% increase in size.

Says managing director Jeremy Lester, “ For some time we have been literally bursting at the seems with stock.  In recent years and in response to customer needs and marketplace demands we have expanded our product lines and of course it means more warehousing is needed to store the extra stock.  The company turnover has also increased year on year and so the time was right to expand the operation.

“Now, not only are we able to store more stock, but we have completely upgraded and revised the stores’ physical layout to be more logical and easier to access, meaning that product picking and order fulfilment can be undertaken more quickly, giving our customers an even better service. Not just that, but in effect our customers now have a buffer that to some extent shields them from price increases.”

Switchtec’s core product ranges comprise switching components embracing relays, switches, isolators, disconnectors and pushbuttons.  Other components include terminal blocks, PCB carriers, enclosures, LED indicators ands pilot lamps, audio and visual alarms, timer counters, power supplies and surge protection devices.

The company cites panel builders as being one of its main areas of business along with OEMs, CEMs, catalogue distributors and design engineers.  Switchtec was formed in 1982 by Jeremy Lester’s father Alan as a distributor for relays, and has grown to be an important distributor of relays and other switching components, one of its main suppliers being leading relay manufacturer Hongfa of China.


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