The European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA) says that European sales of semiconductors in Europe grew 4.8 per cent to US$

2.836bn in January 2017, compared to the January 2016 total of US$2.706bn, and up 1.2% compared with the December 2016 total of US$2.804 bn.

All figures are based on the latest report of the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS), and represent a three-month moving average.

Europe was the only region among the worldwide WSTS regions that registered month on month growth in January, based on a three month moving average.

Looking at the different product categories, the main drivers of January’s growth in Europe were sales of sensors & actuators (up 4.9% compared to December 2016), discrete semiconductor devices and logic devices (each up 2.2%), as well as analogue devices (up1.2%). Good growth was also registered in Europe for semiconductor devices designed

for specific applications, with automotive to the fore.

In January, exchange rate effects were less significant than in previous months when comparing market growth in Euros and in Dollars. Measured in Euro, European semiconductor sales were 2.663bnEuros in January 2017, up 2.5% compared to the previous month.


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