RS Components (RS) has signed a global distribution agreement with SEGGER Microcontroller, a leading supplier of development and debug tools, production programmers, RTOS and a full range of middleware, cryptographic and security software for a large range of microprocessors and microcontrollers from top semiconductor manufacturers.

“This agreement with SEGGER provides a key extension to our portfolio to address embedded development markets, and support our customers R&D engineers,” said Jon Boxall, Head of Semiconductors at RS. “The addition of SEGGER debug probes, the most widely used line of debug probes available on the market today, will enable us to provide our worldwide customers with a more complete development environment to help them meet their design goals and deadlines on a variety of leading vendors microprocessors and microcontrollers.”

Specifically, the agreement provides RS with access to SEGGER’s J-Link and J-Trace series of JTAG and SWD debug probes and SEGGER´s Flasher production programmers. Helping design engineers to develop and tune their software and enabling them to bring products to market faster with proven and tested functionality, SEGGER’s debug probe product range includes devices with and without powerful trace capability.

The JTAG debug probes provide engineers with the ability to identify and correct software problems, enhance performance, test systems and use cases, and optimise their code. Key features include high download speed into RAM and Flash memory and the ability to set an unlimited number of breakpoints in the embedded Flash memory of microcontrollers. The proven and widely adopted SEGGER systems support industry leading products including ARM Cortex, Microchip PIC32 and Renesas RX microcontrollers, plus a wide range of IDEs.

“RS is an important global distributor and a highly valuable addition to our channel to market, enabling us to reach an even greater range of customers,” said Harald Schober, Director of Sales and Marketing at SEGGER. “We’re looking forward to engaging with DesignSpark in an initiative to provide design engineers with all the products, tools, and information they require to quickly develop and bring their projects to market. Investment in the DesignSpark platform and community is a demonstration of how committed RS is to the embedded marketplace, and an exciting opportunity within the cooperation that will come from this agreement.”


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