Premier Farnell plc (LSE:pfl), the global electronics distributor, today launches a two week campaign to celebrate the 14 days of its element14 community, the industry-first portal for electronic design engineers and like-minded professionals launched in June 2009. Whether it is the popular Ben Heck Show, the unmatched legislation portal, “Roadtesting” new products, our Innovation Series, the Knode or the “ask an expert” functionality, element14 has fast become the hub for electronics enthusiasts to collaborate and share information.

The 14 days of element14 will see one innovation or highlight featured each day, starting today (1 December), via Twitter. Followers are being asked to retweet the posts, out of which one lucky retweeter will be chosen in a draw to win a T-shirt or prize. For details of the rollout and how to get involved watch out for the updates each day from @element14.

Dianne Kibbey, Global Head of Community and eProcurement at Premier Farnell, commented: “Since we launched the element14 community a couple of years ago, it has become the natural hub for design engineers and enthusiasts across the world. We wanted to take this time to share some of the achievements of the community in a way that engages our customers and followers across social media.”

Over the past year, at the time of disasters like the emergency situation in Japan or the flash flooding in Thailand, the community has become the trusted source for information about rapidly changing situations and how they impact design engineers. Suppliers were able to post the latest updates on the anticipated impact of the respective disasters by product family and device type, including likely changes to lead-times.

The 14 days of element14 begins today – to get involved follow us on Twitter @element14 and retweet for your chance to win.

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