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NEON-EK introduces Schottky diodes, UltraFast from Silan Microelectronics at low prices

As statistics of power supply (PS) failures shows the greatest quantity of defects appears in PS secondary circuits. Today the failure of power transistor keys (the most typical PS failure of previous generations) happens extremely rarely that indicates the great success achieved by manufacturers of power semi-conductor electronics for the last 5 years. One of […]

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NEON-EK introduces new secondary optics from Ledlink Optics Inc.

NEON-EK introduces novelties from Taiwan company Ledlink Optics Inc.-the manufacturer of high-quality secondary optics for power LEDs. New lenses can be applied for XPE/G, XML, 1LS6, 1LA5 LED series and used for street lamps production. Specifications of secondary optics are shown in table. For optics production there are used only high-quality materials (PMMA and PC) […]

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